Hangars for Sailplanes

The Ensign Hangar lets you fly in the time it takes to open the electric doors, roll your plane out, and do a pre-flight check. At the end of the day, just roll your plane into the hangar and flip a switch to close the doors. You will be ready to go home in as little as five minutes. The Ensign Hangar offers the convenience of leaving your plane without the worry of sun, wind, rain, or sand damage.

The Ensign Hangar is sold turnkey (delivered and assembled) or as a kit. In kit form, all of the parts required for a completely functional hangar are supplied. The kit includes an assembly manual with photos or drawings to clarify the assembly process. Every effort has been taken to ensure that you will have a trouble-free assembly experience and that you will be satisfied with the finished product. The best materials have been chosen for each specific part of the hangars to provide years of trouble-free use.

Additional Benefits

• No rushing to the airport to rig your plane.
• No rigging conflicts with other pilots rigging their planes.
• No forgetting to hook up your control rods during assembly.
• Arrive on the flight line relaxed and rested.
• Fly later into the day with no worries of de-rigging in the dark.
• No de-rigging at the end of the day when you’re tired and the wind is blowing.
• More potential days of flying.
• A place to get out of the sun or rain and share stories with friends.
• A place to sleep overnight for two days of flying.


• Hangar capacity:  One sailplane (with winglets removed)

Wind/Snow Load

• 100 mph/42 lbs per square foot

Hangar Construction

• Frame sections:  Welded square steel tubing and steel plates. All frame sections are primed.
• Exterior sheet metal:  26 gauge steel, aluminum coated, factory painted.
• Electric door opener:  Solar-charged, battery-powered, hoist and cable system.

Assembly Time

• Approximately 100 hours


• 15 meter: $12,400
• 18 meter: $18,400
• Light-sport and custom sizes: Request a quote

Ensign hangars

Ensign hangars